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Arnold Schwarzenegger Condemns Attack on Capitol and President Trump in 7-Minute Viral Video

Arnold Schwarzenegger Condemns Attack on Capitol and President Trump in 7-Minute Viral Video

Former California Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, released a seven-minutes-thirty-second video on Twitter, condemning Wednesday’s attack on the Capitol and President Donald Trump’s part in inciting his supporters to disrupt constitutional processes in the United States. The ex-governor described Trump as the worst president in the history of the country, stating that this is the image that Americans and the rest of the world will have of the president.

Schwarzenegger also called on Americans to aid President-elect Joe Biden as he goes about repairing the damage dealt on the unity of the country.

“The next step right now is for us to heal together as Americans, not as Republicans or Democrats but as united citizens of the country,” the ex-governor said in the video.

Schwarzenegger gave examples of some horrible post-World War II experiences he had as a young boy in Austria. He explained that if the lies and bigotry persist, the country might not be able to recover from the aftermath. Schwarzenegger compared Wednesday’s attack to Kristallnacht, the Night of the Broken Glass. The night is remembered in Austria as the night of the Nazi’s horrific attacks against Jews, synagogues, and Jewish businesses in Austria and Germany in 1938.

“Our own day of the broken glass in the US was Wednesday,” he explained. “They did not only break glass windows and doors, they broke our ideals and values, the very principles that serve as the foundation of our democracy.”

Schwarzenegger explained that while growing up in Austria, he was surrounded by men that were burdened by the guilt of what they had done to the Jews. He explained that the majority of the men wasted away under the pressure, trying to use alcohol to lessen the burden, a step which only worsened the situation. He added that most of the men were not even the usual “rabid Nazis or anti-Semites,” just ordinary men that were too gullible.

Schwarzenegger also talked about his father and how he became an abusive drunk from the emotional strain of the burdens of all he witnessed and did during the war. Schwarzenegger then went on to condemn Trump’s evidence-free denial of the election results, a step that culminated in Wednesday’s violence. He stated that Trump’s actions are tantamount to committing a coup, CNN reports.

For his misdeeds, Schwarzenegger said, Trump will be remembered as the worst president in the history of the country, one who would “soon become very irrelevant and forgotten.” The actor then went on to admonish members of the president’s party for their part in enabling the president’s activities.

He ended the video by stating how proud he was that the democracy of the country held firm against all odds, and he pledged his support for Biden, asking others to do the same. A few hours after the video was uploaded, over 24 million people had watched it.


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