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Black Lives Matter Organizer Plows Her Car into a Crowd of Trump Supporters, Injuring Two

Black Lives Matter Organizer Plows Her Car into a Crowd of Trump Supporters, Injuring Two

A Black Lives Matter (BLM) organizer who is also believed to be the founder of Caravan4Justice, Tatiana Turner, has been arrested and kept in police custody after she drove her white Nissan Verna into a group of 300 Trump supporters in Long Beach, southern California. She is being detained at the Orange County Jail while an investigation into the incident continues.

Turner, 40, has been charged with attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon after the Saturday incident in Yorba Linda, a city that is 30 miles from Los Angeles. About 300 people had gathered as part of the Caravan4Justice group to support BLM, while others gathered to support President Donald Trump against the BLM group.

According to police reports, Turner about 3 pm drove her car furiously into the crowd of Trump supporters and knocked down two individuals – a man and a woman. A group of angry protesters chased after the car and hit it with flag poles and sticks until police officers intervened to take Turner into custody. Carrie Braun, the spokeswoman for the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, said the injured persons sustained non-life-threatening injuries and are undergoing treatment at a hospital.

The BLM protesters had gathered to protest against systemic racism and police brutality, and at a point, they had a serious face-off with the Trump supporters with violence almost ensuing. That was the point when Turner plowed her car into the crowd. At a point, police had been ordering the protesters to disperse and declared the assembly unlawful before the incident happened.

Almost the same thing occurred on Thursday night in Hollywood when a pickup truck hit a BLM protester during a mass demonstration. Police reported that the driver was trying to maneuver through the crowd when people descended on him and attacked his vehicle. In a panic, he accelerated and hit the protester who is not seriously injured. He stopped when police stopped him and he was released subsequent to his initial arrest.


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