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Former Gov. Chris Christie Tests Positive for COVID-19, Checks Into Hospital

Former Gov. Chris Christie Tests Positive for COVID-19, Checks Into Hospital

Chris Christie, Republican ex-Governor of New Jersey has stated that he has received a positive result after testing for COVID-19 on Saturday. The politician tested on Friday, following Trump’s positive result. He got a positive result on Saturday and went to a hospital in the afternoon on the same day. The politician stated that he has checked himself into a hospital to err on the side of caution. He has since then started receiving Remdesivir.

He told CNN, on Saturday, that he had a fever and mild aches but he had no problems driving himself to the hospital on Saturday. He also stated during a phone conversation with CNN that he only went to the hospital following the advice of his physician who felt it is better for Christie to be overseen by specialists in a hospital. Christie who is asthmatic had an attack that landed him in the hospital in 2011. He also had gastric band surgery in 2014.

“I took a COVID-19 test on Friday and I have been told I am positive. I appreciate the efforts of my colleagues and friends who have sent word of concern for my health. I am in the hospital and I will give updates of my situation to necessary quarters,” the politician tweeted on Saturday after he received his results.

Christie is one of the close associates and aides of the president that were tested on Friday after Trump announced his positive results. He helped prep the president for the Tuesday presidential debate. He had taken a test on Tuesday which came out negative. He told reporters at he felt fine on Friday and had none of the signs of COVID-19.

“My wife and I wish Governor Christie a quick and complete recovery. We will continue to keep him in our prayers,” Phil Murphy, present Governor of New Jersey stated in a statement after the announcement of the ex-Governor.

Christie told ABC that a team of six which he had been a part of had helped the president prepare for his debate and none of them had masks on. President Trump tested positive to COVID-19 on Friday and has been taken to Walter Reed Medical Center. Christie also attended Trump’s Supreme Court announcement last weekend. During the event, many of the guests were not wearing masks of practicing social distancing. The

Christie is not the only official in the president’s inner circle to test positive for COVID-19. Kellyanne Conway ex counselor in the White House, who was also a member of the team that prepped the president for the debate, and Bill Stepien, Trump’s campaign manager have both tested positive for coronavirus. The circle of infected inner circle officials had started with Hope Hicks, one of Trump’s senior aides who had tested positive on Thursday.

Joe Biden, Trump’s opponent in the November election, has announced that he has tested twice and both tests came out negative. Trump and Biden were separated by 12 feet and 8 inches during the debate on Tuesday. Mike Pence has announced that he is negative and plans to go ahead with Wednesday’s Vice Presidential debate with Kamala Harris.


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