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Joe Biden Sustained Fractures Playing with His Dog, Major, Over the Weekend

Joe Biden Sustained Fractures Playing with His Dog, Major, Over the Weekend

President-elect Joe Biden fractured his ankle during a fun time with one of his dogs over the weekend. His doctor said on Sunday that Biden will be required to be on walking boots for several weeks to enable his bones to heal properly, NY Times reports.

Biden had been X-rayed earlier, but the X-rays did not show any fractures. But when a CT scan was carried out, it identified fractures in his ankle bones. Dr. Kevin O’Connor, the director of executive medicine at GW Medical Faculty Associates confirmed this to the press.

On Sunday, Biden subsequently left for his home state in Delaware to consult with an orthopedic expert. He was there for some hours before he was seen leaving the orthopedic facility. For further diagnosis, Biden left for an imaging center where further CT scans would be carried out on him.

The spokesman for the president-elect said he chose Sunday to attend to his health because he had numerous events planned for Monday. Pressmen, photographers, and cameramen had thronged the health facility to take pictures of Biden. However, a vehicle had been expertly stationed at the entrance of the facility to keep the president-elect from the prying eyes of the media.

The current health scare would be an unwanted distraction for Biden whose formal transition only began a few days ago. After about 16 days of grandstanding by President Donald Trump, he directed the head of the General Services Administration, Emily Murphy, to officially ascertain Biden as the president-elect.

The certification by the GSA has enabled Biden’s formal transition to begin in earnest. The President-elect and his team are now able to access the needed federal resources to kickstart his transition. President Trump who is yet to concede to Biden extended a “get-well-soon” wish to Biden on Twitter, Fox News writes.

Sources said Biden was playing with his now-famous German shepherd dog, Major when he fractured his ankles. Major has been a significant pet with the Bidens for more than two years. He first came to the Bidens as a foster dog before he was finally adopted in 2018. Champ is another of the Biden’s pet – also a German shepherd. Biden said he is making plans to have a cat join him in the White House.


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