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Joe Biden’s Presidential Bid Receives a Boost from Widow of John McCain

Joe Biden’s Presidential Bid Receives a Boost from Widow of John McCain

Joe Biden, the candidate for the Democratic Party, received a boost to his presidential bid late Tuesday night when Cindy McCain, the widow of late Republican Senator, John McCain, tweeted an endorsement.

Although the Bidens and McCains have been long-standing family friends, there has never been an open endorsement as the sort witnessed on Tuesday night from Cindy McCain.

The late Senator’s wife, in defense of her position, said that although she and the husband lived by a code and were staunch Republicans, they also had a duty to America. That means supporting the best candidate who had the power to protect the American value – that candidate is Joe Biden, Ms. McCain stated.

Reiterating her commitment to the Joe Biden project, McCain said that it is true that she and Biden do not get along on several issues. Still, she considers the former vice president of the country a “good and honest man” who will lead America with dignity.

This endorsement is coming following reports from the Atlantic Magazine, which published statements attributed to President Trump, in which he referred to those who were maimed or killed in wartime as “suckers” and “losers”. President Trump has come out to strongly deny making such an offensive statement.

In his response, President Trump said The Atlantic Magazine took his comments out of context. He continued by saying that the magazine — just like other consistently liberal news media outlets, who have severely criticized him since his assumption in office — made up the story in order to achieve some relevance and probably stir up negative sentiments against him.

However, this is not the first time President Trump will target the late Senator John McCain in comments regarding his military service. Trump had in 2015 said that John was not a hero because he was captured during the Vietnam War and that he doesn’t consider people who were captured in the course of their military service heroes.

John McCain was, in fact, captured as a prisoner of war while fighting in North Vietnam. While on a bombing mission, his plane was shut down, causing him serious injury, which led to his eventual capture by the Vietnamese. His injuries left him with long-life physical disabilities until his eventual death in 2018.

John and Trump didn’t see eye to eye on a number of issues. There are reports to suggest that John had made a request to his family while on his sick-bed never to send an invitation across to President Trump at his funeral.

Joe Biden has responded to the high-profile endorsement from Cindy McCain.

“Cindy – I’m deeply honored to have your support and friendship,” he tweeted. “This election is bigger than any one political party. It requires all of us to come together as one America to restore the soul of the Nation. Together, we’ll get it done.”

It remains to be seen how this latest endorsement will help Biden’s cause in his quest to win the race to the White House in the November 3 presidential elections.


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