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Migos Rapper, Offset, Feeds Voters Waiting in Line in Atlanta, Georgia

Migos Rapper, Offset, Feeds Voters Waiting in Line in Atlanta, Georgia

Offset, a member of Migos, an Atlanta-based rap group, has shown his philanthropic side by providing hot meals to voters waiting in line in three different locations in the city of Atlanta. The celebrity went to different voting stations in Fulton County and Gwinnett County. The rapper also described his elation at experiencing the voting system for the first time in his life.

The rapper gave out food packages bearing the logo of Slutty Vegan and Big Dave owned Cheesesteak. The rapper and the people who assisted him shared the food wearing huge smiles and clearly having fun from the video footage posted online. The footage also shows Offset is one of the Slutty Vegan’s trucks that accompanied the team.

“Y’all get out there and vote, we’ll get into it,” the rapper stated with a huge smile in one of the videos on Instagram.

The initiative was supported by The Lincoln Project, a team of Republicans who have made it their objective to stop Trump from being reelected as the president of the United States. According to the representative of the group, Offset was harassed by officials while handing out the meals to voters.

“Our work with Offset to share food to waiting voters was going smoothly until we got to Gwinnett, the group tweeted. “Instead of helping us, officials there threatened Offset.”

The team described the actions of the officials as voter discrimination and intimidation, bitterly condemning the act but failed to give details of the reported threats.

Offset was not alone on the philanthropic front today, Oakland Rock band, Green Day, also gave 10,000 cups of coffee to voters waiting in line in locations in Oakland. The organization runs the Oakland Coffee Works company where the coffee came from.

Bassist of the group, Mike Dirnt explained that the purpose of the move is to support voters and share the message that we all must look out for each other during this period and beyond. He also explained that it was also done to encourage people to come out and make their voices heard by voting for their preferred candidates.

Offset gave food from restaurants widely known in the city for having the best cheesesteaks. The 28-year-old rapper married to popular rapper Cardi B also voted for the first time. He described the process as an easy one stating that all it takes is a “quick pop-up”. Cardi B, Offset’s wife, and baby mama have been very vocal about her opinions regarding the two presidential candidates. In August, she spoke with Biden during an interview.


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