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Autopsy Report Shows Dijon Kizzee Was Shot 19 Times by LAPD Police Officers

Autopsy Report Shows Dijon Kizzee Was Shot 19 Times by LAPD Police Officers

The family members of Dijon Kizzee have revealed that an autopsy carried out shows that 29-year-old Dijon Kizzee was shot 15 times, and that most of the rounds were fired while he was already on the floor. This information was revealed by the family’s attorneys on Tuesday. The shots were fired by deputies of the Los Angeles County’s Sheriff’s department when they had a run-in with the deceased on August 31, CNN reports.

The family’s attorney, Carl Douglas, said that seven of the 15 shots hit Kizzee on different parts of his body including his arms and legs. This, according to the attorney, reveals that Kizzee was turning away from the officers when the rounds were fired.

“Death was not immediate, he was rolling on the floor in pain while the deputies pumped more bullets into his body,” Douglas said.

According to Douglas, three or four shots can be heard from recorded audio of the shooting followed by a pause then about 15 more shots were fired at Kizzee by the deputies. Douglas also revealed that the medical examination was carried out by Dr. John Hiserodt. The doctor’s findings allegedly reveal that Kizzee died as a result of blood pouring into and filling his lungs during and after the shooting. The medical examiner believes that the deputies had fired more rounds even when Kizzee was rolling on the floor in pain.

“The autopsy carried out confirms my earlier assertion that the shooting of Kizzee by those deputies was a brutal execution,” Douglas stated further. “The deputies called for backup after the shooting and wasted several minutes that could have been used to save Dijon’s life.”

The attorney also revealed that the deputies had used what he termed “unnecessary, excessive force” in handling the situation as the deceased posed no threat to them or the public at that time. Douglas continued by stating that firing 19 rounds at one person reeks of cruelty and lack of humanity on the parts of the deputies.

The Los Angeles Police Department revealed last week that the autopsy report on the deceased was still ongoing. The county’s medical examiner’s office stated earlier in September that the Kizzee died from the gunshot wounds. The police department has remained mute regarding the claims of the private autopsy.

Kizzee had been riding his bicycle on the wrong side of the road on August 31 and had fled when the deputies tried to stop him. This information was revealed last week by Kent Wegener, LASD Homicide Bureau Captain. Wegener also revealed that Kizzee fled, leaving his bicycle. At that time, Kizzee had a green towel and a jacket in different hands.

Dijon Kizzee had a semi-automatic pistol with him and Wegener said the deceased had attempted to pick up the pistol when it fell. This action had allegedly been interpreted as a threat by the deputies and made them open fire on the deceased. Wegener further stated that the 9mm semi-automatic had been reported as stolen in 2017, and contained 15 live rounds at the time of the shooting.

An unclear video shot from a house allegedly shows Kizzee running with the deputies in tow. It shows Kizzee trying to flee until one of the deputies blocks his exit. He then tries to bend over before the deputy moves away and starts shooting. The footage was released by a civil attorney, Benjamin Crump also representing the family. According to Crump, the footage negates the investigations of the police department.

The shooting of the 29-year-old Black man has led to protests. Los Angeles is just recovering from months of unrest following George Floyd’s death in the hands of officers in Minneapolis in May. Crump also stated that the shooting of black people by the police is becoming a pandemic which he called the “1619 pandemic”.


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