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Baby Zebra Dies after being Frightened by Guy Fawkes Night Fireworks

Baby Zebra Dies after being Frightened by Guy Fawkes Night Fireworks

The officials of Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm in Bristol, England, are mourning the death of a baby zebra named Hope which died after being frightened by loud firework displays. The fireworks are a traditional part of the country’s annual Bonfire Night festivities.

The zoo explained that Hope was named for what she represented when she was born. According to the officials, the zebra which was eight months old before she died was born during the first lockdown imposed in the country as a result of the pandemic. The officials explained that when the future looked bleak and unimaginable, Hope was delivered.

They explained that the joy and excitement surrounding her birth took their thoughts and visitors’ thoughts away from the sad situation. Describing Hope as “a symbol of positivity,” they explained that the zebra presented a means of escape and soon became even more appreciated as she grew up.

Hope died on Wednesday after she was startled by the many firework displays from members of the community celebrating Bonfire Night, according to the officials. Communities all over the United Kingdom celebrate Guy Fawkes Night, also known as Bonfire Night on November 5. To mark this holiday, the residents of the country have brilliant displays of fireworks on the day of the celebration and the days surrounding it.

Though gatherings to celebrate the event were canceled as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, residents still set off fireworks in their backyards. Hope died from a collision that happened when she ran into a barrier after being startled by the fireworks. An autopsy carried out by the zoo revealed that Hope’s death had been instantaneous.

“She was most certainly frightened by the noise and bolted only to collide with the boundary of the enclosure,” the zoo said.

Larry Bush, managing director of the zoo has described Hope as a zebra that was “so full of energy and vitality” and explained that before the accident, she was a “healthy young zebra”.

He explained that Hope’s death is a tragedy that could have been avoided, stating that what was meant to be a celebration ended the life of the active zebra. He added that her death shows the extent of damage that fireworks wreak on animals such as zebras, horses, and even domestic pets.


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