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Burglar Leaves Poop in the Home of Karen Laine of HGTV’s “Good Bones”

Burglar Leaves Poop in the Home of Karen Laine of HGTV's "Good Bones"

A yet to be identified individual has burgled the home of HGTV’s star Karen E. Laine. The burglar didn’t however just take things from the actress’ home but also left a surprise: the individual left her a pile of poop to clean up. The shocked actress explained that this is the second time she will meet such an evil surprise after a theft in her home.

“On Saturday, a burglar came into my home, made away with a bunch of stuff, and left poop in my garage,” the shocked actress said. “The poop is an insult because it was intentional.”

The actress who stars in “Good Bones”, a TV series that shows Laine flipping dilapidated structures in her hometown to create a beautiful town with modern structures, told reporters that Saturday’s burglary is the third incident that has been carried out in her home. The last one included left piles of the disturbing substance in her home.

She said one of her daughters, her youngest, had gotten married on that same Saturday and the burglar must have entered from a gate at the back of her house and stole into her garage. The first burglar who had pooped into her home also stole her husband’s bike, according to the actress.

“The statement that was sent was received loud and clear,” Laine said. “They checked through the bathroom in the garage and still went ahead to perform such a dastardly act. It wasn’t like the perpetrator did that because they urgently needed to defecate but just because they wanted to have us clean up after them.”

The last theft had occurred while the family was sleeping, the actress revealed. On Saturday, Laine explained that the burglar stole her purse which contained her credit card. The Indianapolis Metro Police Department (IMPD) released a report that the perpetrator of the crime had used the actress’s credit card in different places.

The actress who is a former prosecutor explained that she has been on the situation looking out for footage from the places where the card was used. She told reporters that the burglar had chosen the wrong person to mess with. According to her, she has sent the address of the locations where the card was used to the police, and they have obtained a video from one of the locations.

She also explained that the poop which was left behind will be used to identify the burglar’s DNA which will lead to an eventual arrest.


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