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Cardi B and Sister Charged With Assault after Altercation with Trump Supporters

Cardi B and Sister Charged With Assault after Altercation with Trump Supporters

A lawsuit has been filed in the New York Supreme Court charging rapper Cardi B (Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar), her sister Hennessy Carolina, and Henessy’s girlfriend Michelle Diaz with defamation and libel. The lawsuit reveals that a group of three Trump supporters was allegedly accosted on a beach by one of the defendants, and then later reportedly defamed on social media as racists.

Hennessy Carolina was accused of assault, battery, and defamation of three people on the Smith Point Beach on Long Island early this month. The people allegedly assaulted had the Trump flag in their vehicle, and one of them also had on a cap with an inscription of President Trump’s famous slogan “Make America Great Again”.

The plaintiffs are Peter and Pauline Caliendo, and Manuel Alarcon. The trio allegedly stated that Carolina insulted and threatened them during a disagreement over parking at the Long Island Beach. Cardi B and Diaz also reportedly took part in the altercation by recording video footage of the incident and posting it on social media, Fox News reported.

According to the plaintiffs, Carolina threatened their wellbeing by spraying ample amounts of her spittle at them during the argument. In the suit, they stated that Carolina “is or should be aware that spraying fluids such as spittle on people during the COVID-19 pandemic could pose a serious health risk to them and their family members.”

“These peace-loving people were enjoying a quiet Sunday at the beach with their families like everyone else when Hennesy Carolina approached them and called them defaming names along with vile threats,” Attorney John Ray in a press release. “The altercation was also videotaped by the defendants just because one of them had on a MAGA hat.”

The suit does not state that the plaintiffs sustained any physical injuries or were exposed to any confirmed case of COVID-19. The suit is seeking adequate damages for defamation and libel.

Cardi B posted a video of the scuffle on September 6 on her Twitter account. The video shows Carolina and her girlfriend Diaz arguing with a woman and two men on a beach. She also tweeted that her sister and her girlfriend had been accosted by a group of Trump supporters at the beach because they are a mixed-race gay couple.

Reacting to a tweet from Buzz Patterson where he alluded to the fact that Carolina began the altercation, Cardi B stated on the social media platform that the plaintiffs had harassed them. She called them a string of names such as “big pink man”. According to Cardi B’s tweet, Carolina only reacted to the odd request made to Diaz to move her car for no reason. She stated further that both parties exchanged words during the scuffle.

Cardi B, Diaz, and Carolina have been charged with defamation and violation of the plaintiffs’ privacy because they uploaded the video online. In the video, the plaintiffs are tagged as “Karen”, “pink man”, and “Santa Claus”. Attempts to reach Carolina and Diaz have proved abortive. In 2019, Cardi B had been charged for assault and reckless endangerment to which she pleaded not guilty.


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