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Chicago Rapper, King Von, Killed During Gunfire Exchange Outside Atlanta Nightclub

Chicago Rapper, King Von, Killed During Gunfire Exchange Outside Atlanta Nightclub

Dayvon Daquan Bennett, an upcoming Chicago rapper, was shot and killed outside a Nightclub in Atlanta on Friday, November 6, according to authorities. The 26-year-old, popularly known as King Von, and four other people were caught in the gunfire exchange between two groups of men. The men had an argument that developed into a gunfight that killed King Von and at least one other person according to the police, CNN reports.

Four other people were wounded by gunfire, according to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, which was investigating the shooting because police officers ended up firing their weapons.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is currently investigating the fatal shooting because two police officers reportedly trying to settle the gunfight between the groups had also fired their weapons at the scene. One of them was an off duty officer of the Atlanta Police department who was working at the nightclub while the other officer was patrolling the area.

The officers had tried to calm the shooting groups and ended up adding their shots to the gunfire, the bureau revealed.

“Pending further investigations, we currently believe that King Von was caught in the gunfire exchange between the two groups before the officers tried to stop the groups,” the police said. “King Von was taken to the hospital in a private vehicle before we moved others that were wounded.”

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation stated earlier that three of those that were caught in the exchange of gunfire died but a representative of the Atlanta Police department revealed that only two people died – the rapper and another man, TMZ revealed.

Six people were caught in the line of gunfire according to the Atlanta police; two had died while four were injured. The department revealed that the officers had taken three of the suspects in the shooting who were injured to the hospital while the three other people, King Von included were taken to the hospital in private vehicles.

Of the four people that were injured during the shooting, one person is in critical condition but the others are stable, according to the department. The officers also explained that two people were arrested close to the scene and they could be charged if found guilty. The GBI and Atlanta police also announced that no officer was wounded in the shooting.

The GBI explained that it will be investigating claims that the officers had been responsible for the shooting while the Atlanta Police Department is investigating the groups that are responsible for the fatal shooting.

Dayvon Bennett’s mixtapes made the list of Billboard’s Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums. His “Grandson, Vol. 1” made 37 on the list while “Levon James” reached 36 on the list. Last week King Von released an album titled “Welcome to O’Block.”

Publicists Erin Ryan announced the tragic loss of King Von and stated that the 26-year-old rapper was killed just when he was grasping the “depths of his talents”. LeBron James and Chance the Rapper have also reacted to the death of King Von on the social media handles.


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