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Doug Jensen, Man Seen Chasing Capitol Officer, Arrested and Charged

Doug Jensen, Man Seen Chasing Capitol Officer, Arrested and Charged

The man seen chasing a black US Capitol police officer along the staircase during Wednesday’s attack on the Capitol by pro-Trump supporters has been identified and arrested. When his booking photos and social media profiles were analyzed, the suspect was identified as Doug Jensen, who is now set to face federal charges.

Jensen confirmed his identity on a Twitter account that bore his name following his photos circulating widely online after the attack on the Capitol. His neighbor in Des Moines, Iowa, where he resides, also identified Jensen as the man on the photos that went viral online.

In a photo that was taken by Manuel Balce Ceneta for the Associated Press, Jensen was seen dressed in QAnon T-shirt and approaching another Capitol Hill, police officer.

In the disturbing video, the police officer was seen trying to stop Jensen and his comrades from gaining entrance into the building before Jensen chased him up the stairs, with other attackers following close behind. The police officer was chased all the way to the top of the stairs before he escaped through a doorway leading to the Senate floor.

On November 12, Jensen had taken to Twitter to tweet that he was ready for 4 more years and was ready to do whatever it took to achieve his mission. The FBI and local police authorities in Iowa said Jensen, 41, was arrested for taking part in the crowd that broke into the Capitol. He has since been presented to Polk County Jail for processing on Saturday, Newsweek reports.

The FBI and the Polk County Sheriff’s Office said that Jensen will be charged with five federal offenses, including unlawful entrance into the Capitol, disrupting government’s business, violent entry, parading in a Capitol building, and blocking law enforcement during the riot.

It was yet to be established if Jensen was represented by an attorney. As of Sunday evening, the Justice Department gave no further information as to the status of the charges built up against Jensen.

Investigations by the news media revealed that Jensen had been relieved of his job at Forrest & Associate Masonry. CEO and President of the company, Richard Felice, said Jensen’s actions were not in tune with the values of the company. He confirmed that Jensen had been a laborer with the company for many years.

A TikTok account bearing Jensen’s name posted a video on the platform, decrying the fact that he was being made a poster boy for the violent protest. He warned the public not to believe the news. Many people have been arrested and are facing various charges after Wednesday’s riot left five people dead, including a Capitol police officer. Prosecutors have begun analyzing various footage of the event to enable them to track down more suspects.


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