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Kaitlyn Bristowe in Tears after Rehearsing for a Tribute to a Childhood Friend

Kaitlyn Bristowe in Tears after Rehearsing for a Tribute to a Childhood Friend

Kaitlyn Bristowe, Canadian podcast host and television personality, was moved to tears in a video she shared on Instagram after rehearsing for a “Dance With the Stars” tribute to a childhood friend who died when Bristowe was 18. The tribute aired on Monday, November 16, and featured Bristowe performing alongside her partner, Russian-American pro dancer, Artem Chigvintsev. The Bachelorette star explained how she felt rehearsing for the tribute.

“The rehearsal was quite difficult for me,” she said. “At this point, the competition has gotten pretty stiff and I will be performing a dance that reminds me of some many things. It is all very emotional and I deal with emotions by talking and crying.”

Bristowe said that she always breaks down in tears whenever she remembers her friend, and she will be dancing to her late friend’s favorite song that was also played at her funeral. All these things culminated into a very emotional rehearsal, Bristowe explained. She added that she has never told the story to the public because it is personal, and she wanted it to remain that way.

The Canadian TV personality who also hosts a podcast, “Off the Vine” explained that the loss of her friend almost stopped her from making other friends because she was afraid she would lose them too, but she later overcame her fear. The tragedy, according to Bristowe made her treasure her second childhood friend, Bri Cook more.

She described Chigvintsev’s work on the tribute as “beautiful” and urged fans to watch out for their performance on Monday. The Bristowe-Chigvintsev partnership has faced some challenges and recorded some wins in DWTS. The pair was awarded 25/30 for their performance on November 2 though fans heavily criticized judge, Carrie Ann Inaba’s scoring. Bristowe had to step in to stop the backlash on social media.

“Please stop giving her a hard time on her social media platforms because of me,” she urged her fans. “It’s a TV show, and she has the right to have opinions, just as I have the right to disagree with them or feel bad because of them. Bullying her is hurting me so much because I know what she must be going through right now as I’ve passed through it too. I have faced so much bitter criticism online.”

She concluded the message by stating that as a judge, that’s what ABC pays Inaba for- to judge to the best of her abilities. Her fans must have been further encouraged by the scores the duo got in their next performance. They got 30/30 after performing an Argentinian tango to “Toxic” by Britney Spears.


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