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Man Attacks and Shoots at LAPD Officer Inside Harbor Division Station

Man Attacks and Shoots at LAPD Officer Inside Harbor Division Station

An LAPD police officer at the Harbor Division Station has been hospitalized after a man enters into the station and pistol-whipped him, CBS Los Angeles reports. The suspect also grabbed the gun of another officer and shot severally at his victim but missed. The attacker was also shot at by another police officer but the shot missed. The suspect, a 29-year-old Hispanic man, was ultimately arrested and taken into custody.

The incident happened on Saturday night when the suspect gained entrance into the police station through an unlocked door. He was reported to have had an altercation with the unnamed officer before attacking him. A city councilman, Joe Buscaino, had earlier revealed that the attacked officer was grazed in the head, but LAPD Chief Michel Moore later disclosed that the officer was pistol-whipped and receiving treatment at UCLA Medical Center.

Buscaino said the incident underscored the dangers police officers face in the lawful discharge of their duties while adding that he is accompanying the injured officer at the hospital. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti announced that his office is monitoring the situation closely and expressed goodwill messages for the quick recovery of the policeman. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department also wished for the officer to recuperate in time.

Moore said he had been to the hospital to see the officer and that he is in stable condition without life-threatening injuries. He noted that the officer only has bumps and bruises and will be okay after due treatment. He debunked rumors that the officer was shot in the head. He added that the LAPD is investigating the matter and that the public will be kept informed with new updates as they unfold.

The name of the officer was not released but he is said to have spent over 30 years in law enforcement.


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