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Pharmacist Faces 40 Years in Prison for Sending Cocaine to Intimidate a Federal Agent

Pharmacist Faces 40 Years in Prison for Sending Cocaine to Intimidate a Federal Agent

Dimitri Lymberatos, a 34-year-old owner of a pharmacy in New York, has been arrested for sending a parcel filled with cocaine to a DEA agent in charge of an investigation concerning his store. The pharmacist had sent the cocaine parcel in a greeting card to the federal agent to intimidate him regarding the investigation and possibly implicate the agent, prosecutors said.

US Attorney Audrey Strauss announced the arrest of Lymberatos. She stated that Lymberatos faces a one-count charge of obstruction of justice and another one-count charge on conspiracy to obstruct justice by trying to interrupt investigation through intimidation. She announced that Lymberatos’ actions were planned to intimidate and implicate the lead agent in the investigation.

“We received the message Lymberatos sent with a full comprehension of his intention, if he is found guilty, he faces a possibly long sentence for his harmful attempt to interfere with the investigation,” Strauss said.

Lymberatos had submitted an application for his Queens pharmacy to supply controlled medications such as Vicodin and Adderall in November last year. The application contained some inconsistencies regarding the information provided on the supervising pharmacist. The inconsistencies caught the DEA’s attention and they decided to carry out investigations. The administration suspended Lymberatos’ application and began their probe.

After arresting Lymberatos, officers searched the pharmacist’s phone and found text messages between him and a yet to be identified individual who had filled and submitted the application on behalf of the pharmacy. One of the text messages which was sent on April 5 showed that the individual had become weary of the investigation, fearing for his reputation. The messages also contained some threats to reveal “all the none kosher stuff” if Lymberatos sacked the employee.

The complaint stated that Lymberatos had conceived the notion to intimidate the agent as the investigation continued into March. He had reportedly engaged the services of a private investigator to carry out a background check on the investigator. The check had included the agent’s home address and on May 26, Lymberatos had sent a greeting card that contained small packets of a white powder which was later confirmed to be cocaine.

Lymberatos sent the parcel from California and continuously tracked the progress of his “gift” until it reached its destination – the investigator’s home in New York. The investigator informed the authorities after receiving the package and after it was tested, authorities confirmed the white powder to be cocaine. Authorities stated that Lymberatos had sent the parcel to intimidate and possibly implicate the investigator.

“One of our investigators was reportedly attacked for carrying out her duties,” Raymond Donovan, DEA Special Agent in Charge stated. “The alleged actions of the accused, who is a licensed pharmacist, are quite shocking and unfair.”

The DEA stated that Lymberatos will stand before a federal judge late on Friday and faces up to 40 years jail term if found guilty on both charges. Lymberatos’ attorney could not be reached for further information.


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