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Samsung to Release Its Next Galaxy S-Model Phones In January 2021

Samsung to Release Its Next Galaxy S-Model Phones In January 2021

If information from Android Central is anything to go by, then Samsung is set to release its next flagship smartphone in January 2021. According to the source, Samsung will be releasing three new Galaxy S models, including a standard, Plus, and Ultra variant of the Samsung S21 or S30 (Samsung is yet to pick a name) by early next year.

If the release does take place, then Samsung will be breaking its age-long tradition of releasing its premium phones in late February. It would also be the closest that the Korean smartphone giant will be scheduling its phone releases almost at the same time as the iPhone.

There’s a story by a Korean publication MTN, which says that a December 2020 launch is also considered another option. This new move, according to the magazine, is Samsung’s response to changing market conditions that saw fewer demands for its last flagship – the Samsung Galaxy S20. So, whichever date it is, December 2020 or January 2021, Samsung’s phones will be arriving sooner than we had expected.

While Samsung’s release date is still unsubstantiated, we do know that it would be reducing the price of its upcoming flagship. This would have been an unusual step in normal times, but we do not live in normal times, and 2020 has been a rather unusual year for most smartphone companies. Every company is adapting to changes in order to stay afloat. To get a perspective on how 2020 has been, iPhone recently released the iPhone 12, and it came in four variants – a move that shocked everyone. Its new iPhone 12 came in price tags that were suitable for almost every budget – another surprising move.

Google was not left behind amongst the companies making new marketing decisions. Google decided not to release a top-tier flagship this year – the first time in several years.

Samsung’s latest aggressive marketing technique is one of the ways it plans to buy over Apple’s customers. Its S20 specifications were top-notch. The camera, display, and processor department excelled. The asking price of the phone was too reasonable for iPhone users to look away. That’s how much Samsung means business.

The specifications of the upcoming S21 were revealed recently by Steve Hemmerstoffer. The serial and respected leaker, whose leaks turn out to be right most times, gave us a glimpse of what to expect in the Samsung S30 or S21. He says the standard model will have a 6.2-inch flat screen with a hole-punch front-facing camera. The Ultra variant will come with a larger, curved screen measuring between 6.7 and 6.9 inches. The Ultra variant is also expected to come with an S-Pen.

When the Samsung Galaxy S30 or S21 launches next year, we believe it would be a chance for Samsung to combine the powerful features of the Galaxy S and Note range of phones with an affordable budget that would cause problems for its rivals.


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